Hi, I'm Connie.


We got our first computer—an HP Pavilion 4450!— when I was 8 years old and I like to think I grew up with the world wild web (see what I did there?). I remember realizing I could use NetZero for free and get around AOL and their parental controls. I remember finding a free version of Paintshop Pro 4 on the computer (“Must emboss everything!”) and the time I dragged mother to CompUSA and bought Macromedia Fireworks. I remember creating cheesy fan sites on Angelfire and then on Geocities. I remember learning how to View Source, allowing me to copy and learn from the markup for sites that I liked. The Internet sparked my childhood curiosity and creativity, and I’m so happy to still be growing with it.

I’m a product designer and front-end developer born in Hong Kong, raised in Pittsburgh, and based in Boston. I work with some amazing folks at thoughtbot, previously at H.Engage, and am trying to stay uncomfortable.

Trying to ship often, more coming soon. Thanks!